Hydrangea problems: the expert responds on hydrangea diseases

Hydrangea problems: the expert responds on hydrangea diseases

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Hidrangea spp. (Family Hydrangeaceae)

The section is dedicated to plant problems.If you wish to write to our agronomist in order to have an answer on an unclear situation or a difficulty concerning your plant, it is necessary that you indicate:

  1. what plant it is;
  2. where it is located (inside the house, on the terrace, in the garden, etc.);
  3. the type of exposure (full sun, half-light, etc.);
  4. how long has it been in your possession;
  5. the general state of the plant;
  6. the frequency of watering;
  7. how often it is fertilized and the type of fertilizer used;
  8. any pesticide treatments carried out;
  9. the symptoms it presents and the parts of the plant affect;
  10. any foreign presence (insects or other).

If possible, send a photo, but in any case, take care to be very detailed in describing the overall state of the plant. The address to which everything is forwarded is: [email protected]

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