Ficus problems: the expert responds on Ficus diseases

Ficus problems: the expert responds on Ficus diseases

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Dear Expert,

browsing in search of information on my ficus I found his site and after a sigh of relief I try my last card to save my ficus.

I state that I am absolutely not a person who, as they say, has a green thumb, on the contrary they are able to kill even fake plants, but only for the merit of being a strong plant, it is almost 7 years that I own a Figus benjamin, d ' in the summer I put it on the terrace and in the winter I take it indoors.

This year perhaps because I was not able to regulate myself with the temperatures that deceived me, I kept the mioficus on the terrace until December, it seemed not to suffer anyway because it was beautiful, then I brought it into the house, in short, 6 / 7 days to dry it completely, I don't know what to do anymore, I wet it, I tried to cut some twigs but I don't see any sign of life.

I tried to scratch the trunk and it still looks green, how can I save it?

Thank you for the time you will devote to me



Dearest Patrizia,

I wonder why a plant that you have had with you for seven years and has always vegetated very well, which means that you have always given it the necessary care, suddenly loses all its leaves? What happened differently that made this mess happen? You moved it from an open to a closed environment, from cold to warm. You do not specify it but I suppose that, having brought it inside the house, you brought it from a cold environment, in which your Ficus good or bad it had adapted, to a warm environment, as you will have the heating on.

All this makes me think, considering also the speed with which all this happened, that your plant of Ficus had a heat stroke. The change in temperature from cold to hot must have been so violent for her that in reaction she lost all the leaves. You waited too long to bring it inside and a heated interior on top of that.

What to do. Not very much. Find a well-lit spot in the house, away from radiators, and wait. You can't do anything else. Dedicate to yours Ficus the usual cultural treatments obviously to a reduced extent not having a foliar apparatus to feed and wait for spring.

You tell me you flayed the Ficus and the fabrics are green: good news. The important thing is that the Ficus is alive even if defoliated, but alive. In spring the leaves will grow back. I wouldn't advise you to do anything else. Do not cut anything, do nothing else because it would be subjected to further stress and it is not really the case.

Keep me informed and if you have any doubts write me again.

Dr. M. G. Davoli

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