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The cucumber, whose scientific name is “Cucumis sativus L.”, is a creeping or climbing annual plant that is part of the Cucurbitaceae family.

It is a plant that typically grows in temperate or warm climates and comes from the regions near the Himalayas.

At first it spread to India, while with the passage of time it also spread to Egypt and the entire old continent.

The fruits of the cucumber plant are characterized by being the only part of the plant that can be consumed and have a typical cylindrical shape and have small protuberances on the peel.

The pulp is characterized by having a light green color, while inside you can find numerous white seeds.

Cucumbers can be differentiated between large-fruited cucumbers and small-fruited cucumbers (which are mainly used in regards to packaging pickles).

The most popular and popular varieties of cucumbers are Ashley, Cubit, Marketer and Torpedo.


Cucumber is a plant that originated in India and Burma and, for this reason, has specific needs from a climatic point of view.

In fact, when the temperatures drop below 12 degrees centigrade, the vegetative activity of the cucumber stops, while if the temperatures approach freezing, the plant could die permanently.

It is a plant that adapts to any type of soil, but especially prefers those that are characterized by a medium texture, rather deep, of good fertility and with a pH that is between 5.5 and 7.5.

Sowing can be done directly in the field or even in the seedbed.

Direct sowing is characterized by having the advantage of faster rooting of the plants, but it can also be considered much cheaper compared to sowing by seedbed, which on the contrary must always be completed within a protected and heated environment. .

Direct sowing must be performed when the soil temperature stabilizes around 15 degrees centigrade.

To have a good crop, it is also essential to pay attention to irrigation: the cucumber needs a constant quantity of water, avoiding, however, the formation of dangerous water stagnations.


Cucumbers are characterized by being extremely rich in water and, for this reason, they are thought to have refreshing and purifying properties.

In any case, the excellent amount of water present is certainly essential for the activity of the kidneys.

Furthermore, cucumbers are characterized by having very few calories and, for this reason, they are frequently used in slimming treatments.

These are vegetables that contain provitamin A, some vitamins that are part of the B complex, vitamin C and are extremely rich in potassium, iron, calcium, iodine and manganese.

Cucumbers are able to support the action of the kidneys in the removal of liquids and toxins, as well as the possibility of improving the activity of the liver and pancreas.

The cucumber pulp, on the other hand, is frequently used as a diuretic and detoxifier and the water and mineral salts that are inside it allow to reduce fever.

Even with regard to diseases such as gout, cucumbers are able to carry out an extremely effective beneficial action.

The enzymes found inside the cucumber are characterized by performing an excellent support action of the organism as regards the assimilation of proteins, since they are also able to purify and detoxify the intestine.

Always the active ingredients contained in cucumber allow to carry out a preventive action against kidney and bladder stones.

The habitual consumption of cucumbers also allows you to effectively combat constipation, without forgetting that they are particularly useful for performing a kind of intestinal cleansing and for lubricating the joints.

Finally, cucumbers possess diuretic, vermifuge, emollient, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties.

Properties in cosmetics

In the cosmetics sector, cucumbers play a particularly important role.

In fact, mainly due to the presence of sulfur, they are able to be effective for treatments that affect the skin, such as the possibility of lightening age spots, thanks to the decongestant properties of these vegetables.

Cucumber is also often recommended by dermatologists to make sure to perform a soothing action on sunburn and are also an excellent solution to combat wrinkles.

In cosmetics, cucumbers are frequently used to reduce bags and dark circles, while the pulp is used to make refreshing and moisturizing face masks and, finally, toning and firming masks are created with the seeds.

Cucumber: Use

Cucumber is one of those vegetables that are characterized by having a rather low calorie content and, for this reason, they are especially recommended in slimming diets.

Cucumber has the particular characteristic of being eaten fresh in salads or even pickled; moreover, it can be usefully used for the preparation of hot or cold soups.

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