Types of cacti: the most beautiful varieties of this curious succulent plant

Types of cacti: the most beautiful varieties of this curious succulent plant

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What are the types of cacti more beautiful and easier to grow and keep at home?

Surely, these succulents are very popular for them curious aspect and for the ornamental beauty that distinguishes them.

Small, extremely thorny, sometimes with a curved shape, other times with an erect shape, but still capable of producing splendid colorful and graceful flowers, this crop has made diversity its strong point so much so that it is often chosen by beginner green thumbs as a plant to start their own path in the world of gardening.

All types of cacti are succulent plants and are native to Patagonia and some areas of Africa and in this article we will see together how to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Let's begin!

Types of cacti and some curiosities

The cactus is an absolutely fascinating plant for many reasons.

A curiosity that distinguishes him concerns himself its flowers: some types of cacti, in fact, like many other flowering succulents, produce very colorful flowers, but which emanate a weird smell of spoiled meat, which serves to attract necrophilic insects which, later, will fertilize the plant.

Many types of cacti also have healing properties (regenerating, restructuring and firming effect that serves to slow down the aging of tissues and skin) and hallucinogenic effects.

In addition, they are often used for build natural fences absolutely impenetrable thanks to their thorns.

Cactus and its characteristics

The term cactus indicates all those types of plants that refer to the family of Cactaceae and counts about 3,000 kinds different crops and belongs to the same order of spinach, beets, buckwheat, carnation and many other well-known plants.

Often cacti are used to build real fences

In Italy, many types of cacti grow in regions such as Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily, Puglia is Sardinia.

Cacti, like so many others succulent or succulent plants, are able to retain a lot of water inside them, which makes them able to survive very large periods of drought and therefore survive.

That's why they are suitable for growing in desert areas despite having a rather fleshy appearance and devoid of leaves which, in fact, are replaced by thorns.

In short, it is a crop that lends itself well to:

  • very hot climates
  • direct sunlight

But let's see in detail how to best cultivate it.

How are the various types of cacti grown?

If you don't know where to buy the different types of cacti, the answer is simple: nurseries and garden shops, generally, they have numerous varieties to choose from and you will be able to find different ones in both shapes and sizes.

The advice is to buy a young specimen, in order to follow the growth in pots step by step.


When grown in pots, the cactus is a plant that is sure to demand little care or precautions.

Among these, however, it must certainly be mentioned the exhibition: the plant must be positioned in a point that receives sunlight for most of the day and hits it on each side; alternatively you can rotate the vase so that the sun's rays arrive uniformly.

But be careful: if the color of your cactus will pass dark green to red, you will need to find a less hot spot to place it.

These plants tolerate well even the cold (after all, in the desert there is a strong temperature range), as long as it does not drop below 10 ° C degrees.

The terrain

In order for all types of cacti to grow well, it is necessary that the soil that welcomes them is light and draining.

A mix of earth and sand mixed with pumice and expanded clay should be the ideal solution. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the texture: it doesn't have to be neither too pressed or compact.


Everyone knows that cacti need very little watering and the water supply must be reduced enough over time: once a week will be enough.

In summer and in the hottest months it is necessary that the soil is always slightly humid, but not excessively wet; in winter, however, this plant does not need to be irrigated, but on the contrary, you will have to pay attention to stagnation that could cause root rot.

Flower among the thorns: the poetry of the cactus

Types of cacti: which are the coolest to have?

As we said at the beginning, the types of cacti present on Earth are about 3,000 and, despite having common characteristics, very often these are distinguished by shape, size and flowering.

Let's see together which are the most interesting and manageable as ornamental plants to keep in pots and indoors.

Cactus Zebra, one of the most peculiar types of cacti

As the name suggests, the zebra cactus it has recognizable streaked leaves that recall, in fact, the white stripes of zebras.

It is one of the simplest varieties to grow at home because, unlike other cacti, it does not need a lot of light; its development is rather limited, so much so that it assumes quite small dimensions, making it particularly manageable even in small spaces.

Opuntia, a great classic

Opuntia it is a type of cactus particularly widespread in Italy and in all areas of Southern Europe and has an "ear" shape that makes it particularly recognizable and distinguishable.

It is a very simple strain to grow and, when grown in the open field, it can reach a very considerable size.

If grown in pots, it will surely be luxuriant, while if it is kept in the garden it is one of those plants that does not need any care as it is satisfied with rainwater.

Echinopsis chamaecereus

It is one of the most loved and cultivated types of cacti for its great decorative value: this variety, in fact, is capable of producing large, beautiful flowers whose shades range from orange to red and which

Again, the cactus does not need care other than good exposure and sporadic irrigation.

If kept near a window where the sun shines, it will certainly give you great aesthetic satisfaction.

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10 succulent indoor plants

Succulents live very well in the apartment, they are easy to grow and can become an excellent piece of furniture. With succulents for apartment we give a touch of green and design to our houses, our terraces and our balconies in a short time and with ease.

The fat plants in fact, thanks to them extraordinary ability to adapt, they can survive in almost any type of environment and require no special care to grow and flourish. This of course does not mean that we can put them in a corner and forget about them: like all plants we always have to assess the environment in which we want to insert them, choosing the right succulent plant depending on the characteristics of our apartment.

As for the outdoor succulents , even for those from the apartment it is necessary to evaluate brightness, temperature and space available to us before choosing which type of fat plant to take.
Unlike outdoor succulents, which usually decorate large flower beds and large corners of the garden, apartment plants can also be very small and take up very little space.
Another thing we must take into account when choosing is it style of our apartment: in modern homes we can dare with fat plants with particular shapes and sizes, while if we have furnished our apartment in a classic style, we will have to choose fat plants less original, like a cactus or an aloe.

Whatever our choice, the most interesting feature of the succulents for houseplants and the form: cylindrical, tapered, rounded or spiral, it is the element that makes them ideal as houseplants, so much so that there are many enthusiasts who love collect them in small jars in the living room, in the kitchen or at the entrance to the house.

But what are the more beautiful and resistant succulents?
There are many varieties of succulents, just think that the Cactaceae family alone (to which the Cacti belong) has almost 3000 different species. In this article we introduce you 10 succulents for houseplants, with description, photos, tips and main rules to follow to make them grow well and healthy.

1) Euphorbia Mili

Euphorbia Mili is one succulent houseplant which has fleshy stems, large leaves and flowers called cyathia. Native to southern Africa, if we let it grow in nature, it would become a large shrub, with erect and very branched stems with large sharp thorns. Despite this predisposition to growth, this one succulent plant can grow in the apartment and it is very decorative thanks to its yellow flowers or pink that bloom during the summer and that, if the plant is kept at a temperature of around 15-20 degrees and is watered regularly, remain in bloom throughout the year. Even the leaves, oval and dark green, are an important decorative element that makes this plant ideal for decorating shelves and corners of the house.

This fat plant it is easy to cultivate, it should be placed in terracotta pots in bright places (the light is used to make it bloom) and watered regularly. It prefers a well-drained soil to which it is added in spring, a spoonful of fertilizer for fat plants, low in nitrogen. Thanks to its brightly colored flowers, this succulent plant is very decorative and can easily fit into both classic and modern environments.

2) Lithops

If you've taken a trip to Namibia or South Africa, you've probably seen a lot of them. THE Lithops (also called living stones) are fat plants that grow in the desert and look like real stones. The genus Lithops, which belongs to the Aizoaceae family, includes a very large group of fat plants, which differ from each other in the size of the leaves and the colors of the flowers. All varieties of Lithops are well suited to living in apartments and have very similar characteristics: they are small plants that have only two opposite rounded and very fleshy leaves with an opening in the center where the flower comes out, white or yellow. There flowering takes about a week, in the months of August or September, when the plant resumes its activity after vegetative rest, which runs from late spring and lasts throughout the summer.

The Lithops I'm not fat plants needing a lot of care, even if you have to be careful to follow the rules of theirs life cycle: from May to August it should be watered very little, to resume gradually in mid-August beginning of September when the plant blooms. Once the plant has faded, watering must be reduced again, throughout the winter, even if it is a time of activity for a plant that changes its leaves. As for the position: the Lithops need light and a fairly warm environment, but you have to pay attention to humidity, so it will be necessary to buy draining soil and a pot with small holes in the bottom to ensure that the plant does not retain the water. Being small succulents, to furnish a shelf or a corner of the house, we recommend placing them in a composition with other succulents, of the same or different species.

3) Opuntia Microdasys

Opuntia Microdasys is a cactus similar to the Prickly Pear, also known as Bunny Ears Cactus due to the shape of the leaves that resemble the ears of a rabbit. Opuntia Microdasys is one wonderful decorative succulent plant for the home, perfect for growing in pots in the apartment. Its leaves are large and fleshy and are called cladodes for botanists, and in Mexico, the plant's country of origin, they are even used as a vegetable for human consumption. The flowering of the plant takes place from May to September with beautiful yellow and fragrant cupped flowers.

Opuntia Microdasys it has no thorns, but it can have blades covered with many glochids: small spines 2-3 millimeters long that easily penetrate the skin and can cause irritation. For this reason it is advisable to always wear work gloves when you have to move or water the plant. To make it grow and bloom, the plant must be kept in bright environments and at a temperature of no less than 7 degrees. Therefore it is advisable to keep this succulent plant in the apartment, perhaps moving it to the balcony or terrace during the summer in a sunny but not too hot position. As with all succulents, watering must be regular and not too frequent (every 7 days during the summer and every 15 days during the winter).

4) Cactus Zebra

The Zebra Cactus, whose botanical name is Haworthia Fasciata and Attenuata, is one succulent houseplant very beautiful and decorative. Although one would think that this plant is part of the Cactus family due to its name, it actually belongs to the Aloe family, the same as one of the most cultivated plants in the world due to its numerous beneficial properties: Aloe Vera .

The Cactus Zebra it is a plant native to South Africa, so it needs to grow and develop lots of light, it should therefore be placed in the apartment in the areas facing east, where it receives more hours of sunshine. Even the temperature of our homes is ideal for this plant, around 15-20 degrees. During the summer season (from May to September) it is very important to water the Zebra Cactus frequently, being careful to drain the excess water to avoid the risk of rotting it.

The size of the plant may vary depending on the type of decoration we want to have: we can choose a medium-sized plant if we have to place it on the ground or as the only plant in the space available to us, while we will choose small dimensions, if we want to use it to create a composition together with other succulents.

5) Tacitus Bellus

The Tacitus Bellum (or Graptopetalum tacitus bellum) is one of the most popular and well-known succulents for houseplants. Native to Mexico, it belongs to the Crassulaceae family, which includes 33 genera and about 1400 species. Its triangular-shaped and greyish-green leaves, gathered in very dense rosettes, make it a very decorative succulent houseplant. This plant is also one of the Crassulaceae that blooms the most during spring and summer, with beautiful star-shaped flowers in bright colors, ranging from pink to deep red.

For cultivate it in pots, it must be guaranteed a porous soil, a mixture of leaves and gravel to have good drainage and water it infrequently during the winter. The Tacitus Bellus it's a succulent plant that suffers a lot from the cold, it should therefore be kept at home, in warm and bright environments at a temperature of about 20 degrees. However, if we want to make it bloom, we must keep it for at least a month at a lower temperature, about 15 degrees, in order to give it a period of vegetative rest and a subsequent rebirth and flowering.

6) Crassula "Buddha's Temple"

Another one succulent houseplant belonging to the great Crassulaceae family is the Buddha's Temple, a hybrid between the Crassula pyramidalis and the Crassula perfoliata, so called because of the shape reminiscent of Buddhist temples. This very original succulent plant it is ideal for growing indoors because it does not tolerate too low temperatures and needs a lot of light to be able to grow.

Compared to the other succulents that we have described so far, this particular variety of Crassula it is not very easy to grow because it is very delicate and tends to rot if not well cared for. This is why it is very important to give it the right amount of water, watering it only when the soil is dry and avoiding direct contact with the sun during the summer but still keeping it in very bright areas.

7) Sedum Morganianum

Even the Sedum Morganianum it's a fat plant which belongs to the Crassulaceae family. The distinguishing feature of this succulent plant compared to the others is the fact that yes develops in cascade, and is therefore suitable for positioning high up, on high shelves and suspended vases. Sedum Morganianum reaches a maximum height of 50 centimeters and has a rather rapid growth and is a very scenic plant, ideal for filling empty corners of the house. The leaves are green-gray and very fleshy, while the flowers, which are born in the months of April and May, are red or pink.

It's a easy to grow plant, which cannot bear low temperatures and should be watered sparingly, especially in winter. During spring or autumn, on beautiful sunny days, we recommend moving the plant outside in direct contact with the sun, while when the heat or cold becomes too intense, we must keep the plant inside, in a bright place but sheltered from drafts.

8) Fraliea

With the term Frailea, refers to a family of succulents which includes 21 species ascertained, originally from South America.Similar to small cacti, the Fralieas are ideal as indoor plants because they keep small and do well in warm environments, with temperatures around 10 degrees.

To make one grow and bloom Frailea it must be placed in a terracotta pot, with a clayey soil, well drained and not very rich in compost. Unlike other succulents, this plant does not need particularly sunny conditions, indeed its own the ideal environment is partial shade, with the exception of the flowering period, which runs from June to September. In the summer months, the plant needs abundant and regular watering, while during the winter it does not need to be watered almost at all. Small in size, this one succulent plant is ideal for decorating coffee tables or small low shelves, perhaps in compositions together with other succulents.

9) Catus of Christmas

Photo source: www.flickr.com author: OliBac

The Schlumbergera, also called Christmas cactus, it's a succulent houseplant belonging to the Cactaceae family of Brazilian origin. There are six different species of this plant, all with similar characteristics, including the flowering period, which occurs in autumn or winter. Due to its flowering which coincides with the holiday season, the Schlumbergera has been nicknamed the Christmas Cactus. These plants they look nothing like cacti, despite the fact that they come from the same family. In fact, they have short stems that are divided into long branches, erect, arched or drooping. The dark green leaves tend to change color as the amount of light varies: if the plants are placed in an excessively dark place they tend to become light green, if instead we place the schlumbergera in full sun the branches become pink or reddish. The schlumbergere are very popular as succulents for houseplants for their long flowering during the autumn and winter months. Their red or pinkish flowers bring brightness and warmth to homes.
Like all fat plants, also the Christmas cactus it does not like too low temperatures and should be placed in a bright environment, perhaps near a window in the eastern area of ​​the house, without exposing it to direct sunlight. It should not be watered much during the winter, while in spring and summer it can be placed on balconies and terraces in shady areas and watered regularly, being careful to keep the soil well drained.

10) Easter cactus

The Easter cactus or Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri it's a succulent houseplant originally from Brazil and very widespread in Europe thanks to its beautiful flowering which coincides with our Easter period. Unlike the Christmas Cactus, this succulent plant has a round and cone-shaped flower, bright pink in color.

How the Christmas Cactus, this plant also has a falling development and is ideal for hanging pots at home, with a very decorative effect. To ensure that the plant is healthy and has abundant and continuous flowering until summer, it is necessary to fertilize in the period before flowering, place the plant in a bright area of ​​the house and with a temperature not lower than 10 degrees, but be careful not to let them get direct sun. Watering must be rather scarce and it is preferable to use a porous, draining and more fertile soil than that used for normal succulents.

Large indoor cactus

These are among the hardiest indoor plants. Successful gardening requires compliance with some rather simple rules. There are dozens of types of desert cacti on the market today. For the most part, the rules governing their growth are the same Set of 6 Mini Indoor Fake Plants, Small Green Fake Succulents with Gray Pot - Fake Succulents for Office, Table Decorations and Weddings - Indoor and Outdoor Artificial Plants . 4.2 out of 5 stars 99. Large indoor fake cactus artificial cactus Via Gallardi, 140 18039 Ventimiglia (IM) - Italy Tel: +39 0184 33.003 - Tel: +39 0184 23.00.41 [email protected] For over thirty years a nursery specialized in the production and sale of succulent plants, including rare and collectible, cacti, compositions and succulent plants

Indoor cactus: profile of the plant - The Garden

  • How to Grow Cactus in Indoor Environments. Cacti are plants that typically live in the desert and thrive in dry, hot weather conditions, but are also ideal for keeping indoors. They don't require many ..
  • Most indoor plants actually come from tropical areas, such as palm trees and ferns. Cacti and succulents come from desert areas. Today you can choose from a huge selection of indoor plants
  • For cacti indoors you can use ceramic or plastic pots, which hold a lot of water and reduce the need to wet the plant even more. As the cactus grows in size, you will need to transfer it to a larger pot to make it easier to grow and let the roots breathe. Pots for cacti and succulents
  • Perfect as an ornamental plant also for indoor use, the cactus needs very little attention Cactus: the most beautiful types and varieties. As mentioned, the large family of cacti includes more than 3,000 varieties, all similar and at the same time different in shape, size, aesthetic characteristics and flowering.
  • Opuntia Microdasys is a cactus similar to Prickly Pear, also known as Bunny Ears Cactus due to the shape of the leaves that resemble the ears of a rabbit. Opuntia Microdasys is a wonderful decorative succulent plant for the home, perfect for growing in pots in the apartment
  • Farm specialized in the cultivation and online sale of caudex, succulents and cacti. Cactaceae, succulent and caduciform, these are the special creatures that Spilly Cactus grows in its succulent greenhouse

Amazon.co.uk: cactus fint

  1. ose and not too hot
  2. Among the falling cacti there is also the Aporocactus: its stems bloom in spring and the inflorescences also last for several months. Opuntie are another great classic when it comes to succulents. Their flattened and thorny blades are ideal for environments with a rustic atmosphere
  3. Find cacti for sale from a large selection of on eBay. Immediately at home, in complete safety
  4. The cactus is a succulent plant: all about care, and preferably arranging the cacti within a specially built micro-soil, they reproduce with great ease by cuttings

Indoor plants with flowers: what are the indoor flowering plants that manage to offer fragrant blooms and which are also, perhaps, very resistantFrom large ones to plants that resist low light. I don't know about you but I don't have a green thumb and every plant I try to grow ends up giving me just a couple of blooms. The ideal soil for growing cacti is a light, draining soil made up mostly of earth and sand. Parts of pumice and expanded clay are often added to the organic compost. The recommended proportions are two parts of common potting soil or peat, one part of pumice and one part of lava or clay cactus plants in stock. Wide choice, promotions and fast delivery throughout Italy. Secure payment

Large specimens of cacti and succulents Cactusmani

Cactus: a large thorny family The Cactus belongs to the large family of cactaceae which includes 3000 families and 120 genera and, although it falls within the order of Caryophyllales - to which beets, spinach, buckwheat but also carnations and bougainvillea belong - it is fully ascribed right between succulents Cacti and succulents need little care and are simple to grow in They feature small succulent fabrics that can store a large amount of water Cactus - Compare prices and models of furniture and accessories on ShopAlike. the House. Discover the offers and buy from one of our partner stores Cactus at home: a beneficial plant that acts as a barrier against electromagnetic waves Perhaps not everyone knows that cacti are radiation-eating plants. For this reason, their placement inside the home is also recommended for this purpose, especially if in a position near the devices that emit them, such as a television or computer.

How to Grow Cactus in Indoor Environments

  1. Japanese Zen imalism, whether you prefer warm and rustic abodes, or.
  2. Cacti come in very different shapes and sizes, from small and globular to large and columnar. The tallest cactus is Pachycereus pringlei, with a maximum recorded height of 19.2m, and the smallest is Blossfeldia liliputana, reaching 1cm in diameter when fully ripe
  3. Within the same species, different types of cacti are distinguished, which do not branch, but which emit suckers, and still others which do not branch at all, on which only flowers appear. Most of the cacti are native to Central and South America, where they can grow both in desert areas, such as.
  4. The cactus is the ideal solution to decorate our home and give a touch of joy to domestic environments and it is also suitable for those who do not have a green thumb! Let's find out together what are the treatments and advice to make them grow at their best .. Among the succulent plants particularly suitable to grow in the garden or to keep at home, we find the cactus
  5. Cactus. In botany, a cactus is a member of the Cactaceae family, which includes about 120 genera and 3000 species. Generally, cacti have unusual shapes, colors and flowers due to adaptation to the extreme environments from which they come, and which make them appreciated ornamental plants

The shape of each plant changes according to the different types of cacti. The large family of cacti includes more than 3,000 varieties, all similar and at the same time different in shape, size, aesthetic characteristics and flowering. Some cactus species have irregular shapes, spikes and lots of pointed thorns Large crochet cactus with flowers, 7.5cm x 8cm ceramic pot, fake home decoration plant, amigurumi in different sizes and colors kekasycomplementos 5 out of 5 stars (83 A plant with many faces. There are Cacti with very different shapes and sizes. In nature it is even reported the existence of a Cactus that reaches the more than unusual height of almost 20 meters: it is called Pachycereus pringlei, but there are also versions that we would define spontaneous bonsai: the species Blossfeldia liliputana has only 1 cm in diameter at the maximum of its development The genus of Rhipsalis cactus succulents with a drooping or erect bearing and the Aporocactus species with colorful blooms. Succulents to be cultivated for ornamental purposes such as specimens with persistent flowers of Schlumbergera and Ferocactus, with a globular appearance and covered with thorns For some cacti and succulents they are not real houseplants. Others, unlike, are fascinated by them and their care soon becomes a hobby. They are among the easiest to grow and are the ideal choice for those who usually neglect houseplants

Photo about Houseplant in the interior - large spurge cactus on a wooden tabletop against the background of a green wall. Art image, cactus, house - 15345323 Jul 7, 2020 - CACTUS Diy Summer Wreath Amazing 1248 Best DIY Wreaths and Interior Decorations on Pinterest. #diyproject #DIYdecor #diyfun #diyideas Funeral Flowers 27 #friedhofsblumen - nail shape By Keyfimin fashion! #artesanal #handmade # crochê #crochet # fu | Flickr Clean white Summer garlands, garlands It's true that most cacti and succulents need as much light as you can give them. But others not only tolerate some shade, they prefer it. This makes plants similar long-suffering haworthia (which looks like a green flower) and gasteria in two good alternatives for any living room space away from the window that we want to furnish for little money Giromagi: Online sale of cactus and succulents with a wide and accurate selection of rare, unusual and collectible plants. We are in Loc. Venella - Terontola (AR) Call us: 0575.6738

Indoor Plants Indoor Plants For Sale Online

  1. Succulents: beautiful to look at and easy to care for.Sometimes referred to as chameleon plants, because over the years they have drastically changed their structure to resist climate change, succulents are finding more and more space every day. our apartments and offices. Succulents are ideal furnishing accessories and thanks to Flob.
  2. After the great success that the cactus plant has had in interior design, Viridium proposes for the first time artificial plants that faithfully replicate the natural product, but with all the characteristics of its outdoor plants. Available in 2 versions, you can make different types of settings or use them alone
  3. 22-Nov-2020 - 16 Easy to care for indoor succulents with gorgeous but unpleasant smelling flowers. Succulents differ in stem and leaf succulents
  4. Particularly loved by those who declare that they do not have a green thumb, succulents for houseplants actually give great satisfaction to even the most experienced plant lovers. To get an idea of ​​the phenomenon, just take a look at Instagram, where profiles from hundreds of thousands of followers such as @succulentcity (the largest online community dedicated to cacti and.
  5. Many cacti, as well as many succulents, are able to adapt with great ease even to rather complex situations from a climatic point of view, therefore they are able to survive even inside homes where the relative humidity is rather low (between 10 and 30 percent)
  6. imo, domestic - 11311197
  7. At that moment the baton was left to the C4 Cactus, a crossover of the B segment which later, with the second generation, became de facto into that of compact crossovers .. The name could change. The two models examined (C4 mkII and Cactus) were not the most successful models for the home and also for this reason they were withdrawn from the list from the range together.

Indoor cactus. An example of an indoor cactus is Echeveria elegans. It is a very common type of succulent, but it presents great beauty as its shape resembles a rose. It grows quite fast and can be a great choice for potted cacti as it has a unique decorative power. Hanging cactus Indoor succulent plants. They resist drought so they do not like too humid environments. If we want to host succulents in the apartment, we pay even more attention to the microclimate of the rooms in which they are located. Living in Europe, it is better to opt for succulent plants belonging to the Sedum and Sempervivum species For more information on indoor or outdoor plants, see the guide below. Some important choices for indoor plants. Plants are perfect for adding color and vitality to the home. In addition, indoor plants help to cool the atmosphere by absorbing gases and eliminating harmful substances from the air The largest saguaro cactus in the world at sunset The scientific name of the Saguaro is Carnegiea gigantea, a species that finds its ideal habitat in desert and barren areas. During the rare rains, these cacti are able to absorb large quantities of water, which is deposited in the trunk, swelling it so much as to transform its shape

The dry garden (garden without water) can be created with cacti, plants belonging to the large family of Cactaceae. Very little water, very little fertilizer, minimal attention, and in return a true spectacle of shapes and colors, all the more topical now that we finally talk a lot about water saving and eco-sustainable gardening IN STOCK: Cactus at the best price. Wide choice and fast delivery throughout Italy. Secure payment The Christmas cacti also do not need a particularly draining soil: naturally they also grow in rock crevices, where there is not a great abundance of soil. They do not have particular preferences for this type of plant, which adapts to grow any type of pot and soil, even if this is now old and dry Indoor succulent plants: which are more beautiful and resistant and how to care for them. Find out which succulents are easily grown in pots in the apartment, which are the most beautiful succulents, care and tips for growing at home

Cacti at home: tips for growing and placing them

  1. How to Grow a Cactus. Whether you're planning on eating it or just showing it off, the cactus can make a great addition to your home or garden. While most people associate the word cactus with ..
  2. Home Cacti and Succulents Page 2 of 2 Succulents, also known as succulents, occur naturally in a great variety of colors, shapes and patterns. And for this reason they are perfect for decorating the home and garden and to bring a touch of exotic charm to spaces
  3. The Cactaceae family is the most emblematic within the succulent plant group, and is also one of the most complex in relation to the type and variety of cacti it includes. This particularity of theirs turns them into collectibles for gardening enthusiasts, who spend their time selecting the various species with such a similar appearance.
  4. Jul 22, 2020 - Explore Crearte Ceramiche's Vase for cactus board on Pinterest. View more ideas on cacti, handmade pottery, vases
  5. Easy to care for, cacti and succulents in general have the great power to embellish the garden and terrace, but they are also perfect for decorating the interior spaces of the house. If you also want to keep up with the trends, know that the potted cactus requires very little attention. Let's see which ones
  6. FEJKA Artificial potted plant, indoor / outdoor cactus, 12 cm FEJKA artificial plants do not require a green thumb: you don't need to water them or harvest the leaves but they are so realistic that the effect is comparable to that of real plants
  7. And for those wishing to give a particular character to their home, we have a wide range of indoor plants of different shapes, colors and textures. Spazio Verde also boasts a great variety of citrus trees, plants native to subtropical climates, evergreen and with flavored leaves, and fruit plants, both classic and more particular ones.

Cactus: the most beautiful varieties and curiosities about them

  • Cacti without thorns: here are the cacti that do not have thorns and do not sting, how to cure them and how to grow them in the best way
  • Within our catalog, choose between indoor succulent plant compositions or garden succulents. Then evaluate between rare and particular or simple succulents. Below, to make your choice easier, International Flora offers you the best selection of succulent plants to give as gifts in the catalog
  • - A uniquely shaped cactus Grooming. Like most cacti, the candlestick plant is also an easy-care houseplant. Let the potting soil dry completely before watering it again. It can withstand a drought well. In winter it uses less water than in summer
  • Indoor plants: Cacti and succulents Cacti and succulents can be ornamental plants, but not only. Among the best houseplants is aloe vera (pictured), known for its.
  • Would you like to have a plant in your house but are too disorganized to do so? the cactus is the right compromise! Let's see the characteristics of cacti, its benefits in addition to the ornamental aspect and 5 ways to decorate your home with this fascinating plant
  • and cactus refers not to a plant, but to one.

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  1. Leopoldo Monari, Italy's leading succulent expert, will dispense many valuable tips to get the most out of your troubled succulents At 3.00 pm: A, B, C, Cactus! Free workshop where you can discover the essential notions in the company of the expert Leopoldo Monari
  2. Find out all the information on the CACTUS XXL floor lamp product by Slamp.Contact the supplier or one of its retailers to ask for the price of a product, get a quote or find the nearest points of sale
  3. ime and maximums inside and outside the greenhouse. However, even a simple hygrometer and a maximum e thermometer
  4. i, perfect for cacti and succulents or small flowers: modern design and original shapes. I made these

Cactus pot for indoor / outdoor use. Plust Cactus is a vase with two small plant compartments obtained from the stylized shape of an oversize cactus with a stable base.If you wish to have more information on the SHIPPING COSTS of this product, call us on 055 4252054 or fill out the following form. Name Practical advice on cactus Christmas. The cactus of Christmas, like other Christmas plants and as well as the poinsettia for example, is so defined essentially because it reaches its maximum splendor in the month of December, that is to say during the Christmas period

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  • Succulents cactus for sale in the garden and do it yourself: immediately discover thousands of ads from individuals and companies and find what you are looking for on Subito.i
  • Find out all the information on the CACTUS PRISMA XL floor lamp product by Slamp.Contact the supplier or one of its retailers to ask for the price of a product, get a quote or find the nearest points of sale
  • Cacti combine well with other houseplants. Having created an unusual composition from them, you can bring a unique look and style to the interior. Cacti are in perfect harmony with a distile variety in the interior, be it classic, empire, antique style, baroque, country and even high-tech
  • • Indoor plant (indoor) • Opuntia consolea rubescens • Height cm. 40> 50 • Terracotta vase ø 18 cm. coffee color • Ecological protective packaging The joy they emanate and their exotic charm are already two good reasons to keep them at home. As columnar succulents, the cactus family lends itself particularly to embellishing the corners of the rooms
  • Types of cacti and some curiosities. The cactus is an absolutely fascinating plant for many reasons. A curiosity that distinguishes it concerns its flowers: some types of cacti, in fact, like many other flowering succulents, produce very colorful flowers, but which emit a bizarre smell of spoiled meat, which serves to attract necrophilic insects which, in.
  • The interior of the Citroën C4 Cactus is personal, and very simple. The dashboard is rounded, low and developed in depth in the upper part, the dashboard display (very essential, it has no rev counter and engine coolant thermometer) and the 7 tactile one, placed in the center of the dashboard, emerge.

Cacti are part of the botanical family of the Cactaceae, made up of about one hundred genera and two thousand species. Most of them have a succulent stem and can have various shapes: columnar, shovel, leafy, tuberculous, ribbed, globular, pendant, articulated, with or without thorns, with oval, circular or starry section Cacti and succulents do not belong to our climatic zone and it will therefore be necessary to pay some attention to their care. Contrary to popular belief, succulents are real plants (with leaves transformed into spines and trunk transformed to perform photosynthesis), and like all plants they need adequate water and fertilizers. Their metabolism confines them inside special cells, without damage to the plant. Thanks to this phenomenon, they significantly reduce the amount of pollutants present in the air we breathe Indoor plants. Few things can enhance your apartment decoration like houseplants. Some consider them a milestone of adulthood, others a passing fashion but the truth is that plants are an essential element that adds a little color and humanity to spaces.

Names, images and information on indoor plants, with useful tips for cultivation and maintenance Philodendron The Philodendron is a genus of 275 species of evergreen plants that belongs to the Araceae family, originally from South America, it is often cultivated as a plant for greenhouse or apartment Most plants prefer a middle ground: neither too wet nor too humid. Since every indoor environment is different, the frequency of watering will also depend on the air circulation and humidity in each apartment Cactus mammillaria: a variety of indoor cacti that couldn't be simpler. It needs well-draining soil, good light and warm temperatures. There are over 300 species of mammillaria. The most common varieties thrive as houseplants offering a look into the CACTUS MRS desert. NOBODY. Cacti and succulents carefully selected by French and European producers, and assembled in the workshops in the bay of La Baule, in Brittany. Dimensions: ∅ 10.5 cm, height 18-25 cm. Price to the public: 30 €. All occasions are good to gift a cactus or succulent cactus or indoor Y&M flowers - Ceramic Succulent Pot TM. Y&M indoor cactus or flowers - Ceramic pot for succulents TM, ceramic succulents TM indoor cactus or flowers Y&M - Pot for, ceramic: Garden and garden, Y & M (TM) - Pot for succulents, cacti or flowers , indoor, Big Small Price Labels Your favorite merchandise here Low cost high quality.

Within the cactus family you can find all shapes, sizes and volumes. The appearance of the stem allows to classify them according to their appearance. In addition to the stem, cacti differ in the types of thorns and areoles, which are actually the organ that gives life to leaves, buds, flowers and hairs The new Citroen C4 2021, also available in the electric version, is completely renewed, abandoning the sweet and gentle shapes of the old Cactus to marry the typical shapes of the crossovers, with the rear window tilted to recall the Double Chevron models of the past, albeit in modernity.New interior and new driver assistance technologies for Citroen C4 2021, with prices of. It is essential to place a maximum and minimum thermometer inside the germinator. Those who choose, however, to keep the seed tray in the home, must make some changes. First of all, the installation of two neon lights on the cover from 20 Watt supplied with reflector, from keep turned on for 13-15 hours a day: a programmer (timer) will take care of the need Book Be Live Adults Only Los Cactus, Varadero on Tripadvisor: consult the reviews of 3,228 travelers who have stayed at Be Live Adults Only Los Cactus (n.30 of 89 hotels in Varadero) and see 4,809 photos of the rooms

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  • The cactus is perhaps the most famous and iconic type of succulent plant in the world and the thorns (also thanks to countless scenes from famous cartoons) are its distinctive element. Yet there are also several species of thornless succulents, mostly from South America and Asia
  • The new C4 Cactus will be presented to the general public at the next Geneva Motor Show. The new born of Citroen has a very airy interior, characterized by a dashboard formed by a very thin shelf on which the two screens dedicated to instrumentation and infotainment rest
  • Citroen presented the new generation of the C3, with many innovations inspired by the C4 Cactus, starting from the external Airbumps and the large 7-inch display on the dashboard. Interior and exterior.
  • The list of names of succulents: with flowers, for home and outside, here are all the types that can be bought and grown. A very fashionable hobby is the care of.
  • my effort! In this section, Lezio offers a sale of succulents that can add a green touch to your apartment in a very simple and unpretentious way. No stress for the little green thumbs because these succulents are really easy to grow
  • Forest cacti, kept in hanging pots or baskets, require a fatter, richer and above all more acidic soil. Cacti: How to multiply cacti. Like most succulents, Cactaceae can also be easily propagated through the use of suckers and cuttings

Evergreen Strip-type Large Artificial Cactus Indoor Plants Bonsai Tree, Find Complete Details about Evergreen Strip-type Large Artificial Cactus Indoor Plants Bonsai Tree, Bonsai Tree, Artificial Cactus Indoor Plants, Strip-type Large Artificial Cactus Plants Indoor Bonsai Evergreen Tree from Artificial Plant Supplier or Manufacturer-Guangzhou Konda Import. Download this Premium Vector on Cartoon cactus and succulents in pots set and discover more than 11 million professional graphic resources on Freepi

Download this Premium photo about Large cactus in pots. funny cactus for home decoration. fluffy cactus with long needles. beautiful interior item. cactus among the stones. cactus in a flowerpot. and discover over 7 million professional archive photos on Freepi The cockpit offers 5 different harmonies of interiors, refined and fashionable, which give great brightness, taste and refinement. Particularly inside the new C4 Cactus, the level of comfort is important, thanks above all to the components of the Citroën Advanced Comfort program and inaugurates technological innovations at a European level at the service of modern and global comfort. Indoor and outdoor use • Porcelain • Lamp LED Large cactus led light LED table lamps Buy now from OBI

Make a magic ring and inside (12 chains and 1 slip stitch) 16 times. TERRA: instructions for a 7 cm jar. Map 9A and 9B. Seedlings 9A and 9B are identical in shape, only the color changes. LARGE BODY. Round 1: magic ring with 1 chain and 6 p.b. inside (6). Round 2: 2 p.b. at each point of the tour. In short: the C4 Cactus first way (2014) of being able to combine good interior volumes and a sparkling appearance at an affordable price has evolved. Road test taken from. Plants for sale in the garden and do it yourself: immediately discover thousands of ads from individuals and companies and find what you are looking for on Subito.i

The crochet cactus with flower is made of cotton and measures 15 cm in total with the pot and 9 cm only the seedling but it can also be made in wool, obtaining a larger size. Crochet cactus with flower: necessary material. Cotton n ° 5 or baby green, brown, fuchsia or colored wool as you like. Welcome to the world of cactophile enthusiasts in Trentino - Alto Adige. Activities in the field of botany, with particular reference to the study, cultivation and dissemination of knowledge on cacti and succulents, exchange of information, plants, seeds and other material among collectors of cacti and succulents Most succulents and even cacti love light, but sunlight does not necessarily have to be direct. If you have cacti and succulents in your home, make sure you have large, bright windows nearby to ensure the plant as much sunlight as possible. If necessary, move the plants for a few weeks from time to time to see how they adapt to different plants.

For this reason, succulents have perfectly adapted to particular climatic contexts with long periods of drought. Once again nature proves exceptional: the leaves have become thorns to minimize transpiration and the surface layer is very thick and also waterproof. Most Easter cacti are perfectly suited to cuttings. In fact, make your cut at the point where the tip of the leaf curves inward to its stem. Allow the cut edge to dry for a couple of days. This gives enough time for callus In the top five purifying indoor plants, the Snake, known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue, triumphs due to its long, fleshy leaves. Small or large, this is one of the succulents that fall from the top of a shelf in the room or have them rolled up on a central stick so that it looks like an original cactus More information. People also love these ideas Gardening Indoor Plants Exotic Flowers Cactus Plants Cactus Flowers Planting Trees Small Gardens Cactus Garden Gorgeous Garden

Some varieties of succulents, in fact, produce flowers when they are fully matured.The process can take many years (up to 40!), But in other cases you can see the first blooms already after a year. Still depending on the variety, flowering succulents keep their flowers for a single day or for 3-4 months. In most cases they are flowers. Cactus Serax vase: ceramic particular design vases. Enrich your interiors with the refined selection of designer vases. Find interior furnishing vases, terracotta or ceramic vases, glass bottles, concrete vases and particular vases

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The tenants have an armor made up of balloons and must move within a path full of cacti: the winner is the one who reaches the finish line with the most balloons intact. The prize? A week's stay in the Casa dei Privilegiati. Between bursting balloons and stops along the way, the VIPs finish the path Although it is really difficult to imagine a cactus without thorns, it must be known that, however, the Schlumbergera Buckleyi incredibly does not have any. Another fundamental characteristic lies in the fact that, according to very recent studies, Schlumbergera Buckleyi is an anti-smog plant, that is, capable of absorbing large quantities of carbon dioxide during the day and then releasing. Indoor and outdoor use • Porcelain • LED lamp Small cactus LED light LED table lamps Buy now from OBI There are ten colors of the C4 Cactus, which can be combined with the three indoor environments (Armonia GrigioPietra, Habana and Purple) and with the four shades of the gummy Airbump: Black, Gray, Chocolate and Sand. Photogallery: Citroen C4 Cactus, prices from 14.950 eur

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New Citroen C4 and ë-C4 2021: design, interiors and engines of the new model (also 100% electric) designed to challenge the compact cars of the C segment. The card Watching a film on the big screen is a suggestive experience. with indoor cacti. Succulents, thanks to their resistance, are ideal for beautifying the house even when you don't have a green thumb. 4. Style Furnish with photos: the mistakes to avoid Small decorative metal plant, a cactus-shaped ornament in beige painted metal, modern ornament to furnish your environment giving an original and nice touch, perfect if inserted inside of a modern room such as the living room, lounge or entrance but also in commercial spaces such as the office, restaurants and hotels. A piece of furniture produced by.

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Succulents (also called succulent plants) are among the most popular houseplants. This is because they resist well to long periods of drought and therefore do not need special care. So even if you don't have a very green thumb, they can resist your touch well. Among other things, succulents are very different among The list of names of succulents: with flowers, for home and for outdoor, here are all the types that can be bought and grown. A very fashionable hobby is the care of. . The term succulents are commonly used to indicate all those plants that accumulate water reserves in the leaves or stems for critical periods of drought. Succulents in alphabetical order. Succulents are often the favorites to give a touch of originality and color to the apartment.With their bizarre, eccentric shapes and their particular conformation they are able to transform the environment and make it more hospitable and welcoming

The most common succulents: names and photos. Succulents are very popular because in addition to being very decorative - both indoors and out - they are really easy to grow and. List of succulents in alphabetical order. FAT PLANTS. Succulents are a genus of plants that over time have adapted to living in very drought and water-scarce places, places where most other plants could not survive in complete autonomy. Succulents can be divided broadly. Succulents: names of the most common species and varieties Aizoaceae. Carpobrotus acinaciforme, Carpobrotus edulis, Delosperma lehmannii, Delosperma harazianum, Drosanthemum floribundum, Drosantheum hispidum, Lampranthus spectabilis, Malephora crocea, Mesembryanthemum cordifolium, Oscularia deltoides Apocynaceae. Adenium obesum, Pachypodium brevicaule, Pachypodium lamerei, Pachypodium. . Graptosedum: it is one of the succulents of uncertain origins, it is a hybrid belonging to the family.

Information, photos and names of succulents, or also called succulents, and rare: flowers and cultivation for the apartment or the outside plants fat they are usually called by the Latin name, in accordance with the binomial botanical nomenclature, the internationally recognized system by which the plants. For for more information and an example, we refer you to our page on nomenclature. at others they are called with a popular name that often refers to the characteristics of the plant e. Succulents Names: Other names of succulents. There are various other types of succulents in nature. The genus Agave, belonging to the Agavaceae family, includes species known all over the world, used as ornamental plants as well as for the manufacture of hammock ropes, Panama hats and alcoholic beverages such as Tequila 8 names of succulents with Mammillaria flowers. A succulent plant that comes from Central America. On its top there are beautiful little flowers. Sedum Acre. Perennial plant that has beautiful yellow flowers that bloom between May and July and resist until. Adenium. The Adenium. Succulent and succulent plants: some precautions to improve resistance to cold. Many succulent and succulent plants tolerate minimum biological temperatures well below 0 ° C, while stopping their physiological activities while waiting for the ideal conditions for their needs to be re-established. We can help succulents to mitigate the effects of cold by avoiding it.

Here is the complete list of the most common succulents in Italy: names, types and characteristics: a short complete guide to learn more. READ IN 2 '. Among the most common plants in Italian homes are succulent plants, which are also referred to as succulent plants. Many choose this type. Succulents without thorns. Succulents photosynthesize thanks to their leaves. It is a type of succulent plant that must be watered a little more frequently since they transpirate faster and the water they store evaporates faster. Here are 3 names to choose from Succulent plants (improperly, succulents) are called those plants with particular tissues (aquifer parenchyma, also called succulent) that allow to store large quantities of water. The water absorbed during periods of rain is wisely administered, during periods of drought, migrating to each district of the organism of the plant that there. 711 Free images of Succulents. Related Images: cactus nature green garden plant plants succulent plant botany flora. 201 259 17. Succulents Hands. 210 240 62. Succulents Plants. 120 77 68. Cactus Plant Nature. 56 74 5

Succulents: here is a splendid composition inside a rectangular shaped glass vase. There are many species of succulents, we offer you some ideal for creating splendid compositions, for yourself, to embellish your home or your terrace, but also to give as gifts. Succulent plants: all types of apartment or outdoor, succulent, thornless, flowering. and how to treat the various types of grass

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  • Succulents, succulents and cacti: let's give them a name! Succulents are full of charm and for some years we have been realizing that they are perfect for our homes: without taking up much space and in exchange for little care, thanks to their curious and different shapes, they can become specimens to show off to give value to our environments in elegant design vases
  • Here are 10 outdoor succulents that are easy to care for and perfect for decorating terraces, balconies and gardens. Follow our tips to take care of it
  • How to take care of succulents: outdoor or indoor. If we look at specific names of succulents, some are for outdoor, others for apartment, or that you can keep on your own.
  • PLANTI 'REAL PLANT | Euphorbia erythraea | Indoor ornamental pot succulents, produces yellow daisy flowers in summer. Columnar cactus in a pot with a diameter of 15 cm. 4.5 out of 5 stars 32. € 29.90 € 29.90. Free shipping

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  • Names, characteristics and tips for choosing the best succulents for apartment, knowing how to care for them and how to make them grow at their best Succulents live very well in the apartment, they are easy to grow and can become an excellent piece of furniture
  • Their names are often bizarre, difficult to pronounce and remember, from echinofossulocactus to aztekium, from strombocactus disciformis to epithelantha .. The varieties of succulents present in nature are many, each with its own characteristics, needs and rhythms, but there is nothing more beautiful than their splendid and copious blooms and it is just that.
  • Succulents are fascinating and are also perfect for our homes: thanks to their curious and different shapes, perhaps also due to the little care they require, and their exotic charm they can become specimens of splendid low-maintenance plants to show off for give value to our environments in elegant design vases
  • Succulent hanging plants. Lovers of succulents can only appreciate the long fleshy branches of a succulent variety with a drooping habit very suitable for apartment living. This is the Sedum morganianum, one of the most appreciated by those who never have time to devote to the care of plants and flowers.

Succulents are the most common in apartments, this is because they have particular properties that allow them to live for a long time even without special care. They resist over time and are also commonly called Succulent Plants.However, there are many varieties, very different from each other, some bloom in the winter period, others in the spring but they are all. The names of cultivar plants are generally in Italian and not in Latin with a capital initial and are preceded by the abbreviation cv. or are written in single quotes. in our case the world of succulents. Rootstock - plant with its own roots used for grafting. see grafting Names and varieties of flowering succulents to know. With the arrival of summer, the plants can be brought back outside, wet every time the soil is completely dry and fertilized with a specific remineralizing substance for green plants. Succulents names. Below you will find some photos of succulents to give you an idea of ​​the vastness of this beautiful world, made up of many particular shapes and bright colors. Below each photo you will find the respective names of succulents. Name: Desert tree cactus Succulents, recognized in botany as succulents, are those plants that need a lot of water for their development. They are present in several genera and varieties: from the most common cacti to houseleeks. We discover their characteristics in a section also dedicated to those plants that lend themselves well to easy cultivation

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  1. Succulents in Winter: cold-resistant specimens Trichocereus Pasacana. It is a succulent plant belonging to the Cactaceae family. Of the approximately 3000 species of common cacti, all different in size and shape, Trichocereus Pasacana is the toughest.
  2. Succulents, cacti and succulents are really easy to grow and beautiful to look at. They are resistant to drought, last a long time, need little water and a lot of light
  3. Succulents, more precisely called succulents and cactaceae, certainly represent an easy and almost infallible way to approach the world of cultivation. For shapes, colors, longevity and extraordinary charm, they have now become among the most avid growers, including domestic ones, real collector's items.

Let's see the names of the most curious or intriguing succulents, those that make you smile and those that make you think. The euphorbia obesa, for example, is distinguished from pulcherrima because it is round, a little obese precisely, but if this were not enough, in English it is defined as a bean bag Names for Plant Companies 12 captivating ideas for your company of plants. Whether you want to start a company or a nursery or want to open a small shop in which to sell your plants, you will have to choose a green name that best represents what you do 5 particular succulents Rare succulents. When we talk about succulents we know that we are facing a huge and endless family. Aloe polyphylla. Aloe polyphylla is a rare and protected cactacea, even in danger of extinction, which needs. Sedum. Sedums are a genus. Sale plants fat Books Succulent sites. Appendix it.hobby.plants.cactus Names vernacular Glossary. Cactofilia A thorny passion The book based on my cultivation experiences that cannot be missing in a cactophile's library. Now also in eBook version for Kindle I treat my plants with universal spray fungicide before putting them away in winter and when I repot them. I wanted to use copper only to treat the succulents I have in the flowerbed, to avoid rot before winter and in spring, to avoid damage from spring rains

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Succulents: types and names of the most common Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is part of the Aloeaceae family and, as mentioned, is a typical foliar succulent plant. Rebutia Minuscula. Among the flowering succulents, rebutia minuscula is part of the Cactaceae family. It has a. Sedum Acre. Fa. Welcome to Cactus and surroundings, the portal for lovers of succulents, with over 2,500 photos, advice and illustrated cards on the cultivation of cacti and non-cacti succulents. For exploration we recommend the use of the Menu, or the links referred to in the thematic areas below. If you are looking for something specific, use the internal search engine or the portal map

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  • Succulents: Identifications. Section dedicated to the arduous pleasure of lending a hand to those who have to identify their succulents Moderator Gianna. 9614: The gallery is the register of names with photos to which we can all contribute by sharing our plants
  • I have three low pots (20cm diameter) with different varieties of succulents (I don't know their names, sob!). All winter they have been indoors and they seemed to be fine, some even bloomed. A month ago I decided to take them outdoors and I placed them in a corner of the terrace where the sun begins to beat around 16. It was one.
  • Here is the complete list of the most common succulents in Italy: names, types and characteristics: a short complete guide to learn more
  • Living in Europe, it is better to opt for succulent plants belonging to the Sedum and Sempervivum species. In general, these succulents are not particularly suitable for apartment living because they do not receive the light they would need to grow at their best and have a good flowering during the summer period.
  • The names of the most common varieties of succulent plants, or succulent plants: all the most common species in addition to the classic and well-known cacti, aloe and agave
  • In the world and in Italy there are many types of Cactus. They are succulent plants, characterized by resistance to the hot climate and reduced humidity. Their cultivation does not present particular difficulties. Their exotic, often thorny appearance makes them very popular both in gardens and at home
  • PLANTS: Last collection published (n ° 57) The last photos of the section. Astrophytum asterias huge kikko furrow Astrophytum coahuilense kikko Astrophytum myriostigma X onzuka white Astrophytum onzuka x ornatum (monekka) Astrophytum hania Astrophytum ornatum hanni

Indoor succulents: the 8 most beautiful for decorating your home 1. Aloe vera. Let's start with one of the most famous houseplants and not just for beautifying the home. Aloe vera. 2. Opuntia microdasys. Several varieties are part of the Opuntia family of succulents, some for outdoor use and. Perennial plants that form wood, leaves, flowers and / or fruits / berries, resistant to frost and to the most varied climatic and exposure conditions. We have selected these plants for their particularity. Tiny succulents are increasingly popular. Because they satisfy the desire for greenery but require little care, have strange shapes and colors and are very cheap

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  1. Wide availability of succulent and succulent plants: aloe, agave, crassula, sedum and many other magnificent varieties of succulents. Purchase them today in our online nursery
  2. Succulents: OPUNTIE. All images on this page are (c) Marcello Vaccari and cannot be used by anyone without my consent. Euphorbia Mammillaris. Family: Euphorbiaceae. Origin: South Africa. A plant similar to a columnar cactus, which grows quite quickly
  3. Except perhaps for the difficult availability of the soil of leaves (be careful to go to the woods and go out with bags of decomposed foliage: there are fines for withdrawals of this type), the recipe provided by the Italian pioneer in the cultivation of cacti and succulents was more than sensible, as well as tested
  4. Feb 16, 2021 - Explore Maria Barbara Randazzo's panel of succulent plants in felt, followed by 996 people on Pinterest. View more ideas about fabric flowers, succulents, plants
  5. Find out which are the most cold-resistant evergreen outdoor succulents that will allow you to have a beautiful and always tidy balcony even in winter, waiting for spring

Climbing succulents represent a very peculiar species in the field of botany.They are plants characterized by a very fast growth, and do not have a real skeleton to support themselves.They therefore use aerial roots, thorns and various tendrils to develop and cling to other plants , walls, supports, posts, fences, etc. Succulent and succulent plants how to protect them from the cold. The succulent plant is characterized by spongy tissue rich in internal liquid. This liquid, which is nothing more than sap composed mainly of water can, at low temperatures, can freeze, causing the plant to die.If the plants are in the garden or balcony, they should be withdrawn inside the houses, in places that are not. Types of succulents for indoors. There is a reason succulents are so trendy. Not only can they be grown on their own, they also pair well with other types of plants. Succulents offer a variety of shapes, colors and styles that can fit anywhere from a home office to a child's bedroom.Succulents besides being beautiful to display on shelves or on a desk, are also beneficial for our health. Let's find out all the benefits Succulent plants (or succulents) are an ideal solution for those who want something special and that last over time or that is easy to care for even for those who do not have a green thumb, or are beginners in terms of garden organization.We like green but also the species that manage to bloom, to give a touch of color to our terrace or dedicated piece of greenery

Succulents, with a beautiful presence and with few pretensions, are among the most loved and appreciated plants of all.. It is known that succulents, if they do not need a lot of water, cannot do without light. This is why they are very resistant even to the summer heat .. But what to do when winter arrives? In this article we will give you some tips to follow to preserve the. It is not known when succulents or succulents appeared on earth as they did not leave fossil remains, only a few legends are known that have been handed down to us and that speak of them. One of these is related to the ancient Aztec people who narrate how this people, tired of wandering in search of a place to establish their homeland, one day saw a huge eagle that. Buy Now Indoor Cacti and Succulents at Low Prices at Amazon.co.uk | Unlimited express shipping for Prim customers

Outdoor succulents: ideas and inspirations for the garden Succulents with flowers increase the decoration and aesthetic beauty of the garden.On the market, there are really all sorts of them and it is important to recognize them in order to take care of them in the best way List of the main succulent plants: (The following is a list, in alphabetical order according to common names, of some of the most common succulent plants known and widespread Talking about succulent or succulent plants is very complex since in this type of plants there are many very different and very distant families from a morphogenetic point of view, of which the most representative and known is undoubtedly that of Cactaceae What unites plants phylogenetically very distant from each other are particular adaptations.

13-Oct-2020 - Explore Flora Piscopo's GRASS PLANTS board, followed by 911 people on Pinterest. View other ideas on succulents, plants, cacti You could use plant names for the tables and choose small bonsai or succulent seedlings for place cards: an idea to repeat also for the wedding favor. Nature really offers many options and for the names of the wedding tables you can also be inspired by minerals, stones and trees. Kitchen themed wedding table names

Succulents: the names of the most widespread varieties

Outdoor hanging plants. As regards the major differences between hanging succulents and other types of succulents, the first consideration to be made is that concerning their appearance. In fact, the main and most widespread types of hanging succulents, such as, for example, the sedum burrito or the sedum morganianum, have such a shape as to be. Indoor plants, the green lung of the house The indoor plants for sale in our nursery are genetically renewed and carefully selected. The care and selection are mainly carried out with the aim of making them stronger and more resistant to the stresses of lack of care (light reflected from the glass, dry heat, lack of water for short periods,). Succulent plants: by nature they are very resistant. Succulents have a great ability to self-manage, in the sense that they are able to accumulate a lot of water inside their leaves and use it as a reserve in very hot and dry periods, especially in the summer. In the winter, succulents if not exposed just to the north, that is in the areas where for the whole arc of the.

Garden succulents. The garden is the ideal place to grow our succulents. Thanks to their aesthetic beauty and ease of cultivation, they adapt perfectly to being grown outdoors in this way they enrich the green space with a little color, liveliness and originality thanks to their bizarre shapes Succulents can be an original solution for open spaces, even in winter: here's how to create a garden of succulents in Italy Fiori & Foglia today presents a small Showcase of Grasse Plants: by clicking on the images shown in the Showcase, you will be able to recognize which succulent plant you have in front of you and get the right information for take care of her . The names of plants, let's face it, are not a simple matter: the Italian language has not given a name to all plant species and varieties.

Succulents: List of Names, How to cure them and from intern

Names for Succulents Businesses 10 biting ideas for your succulent business. Whether you want to open a business, shop or nursery where only succulents are sold, you will need to choose a name that best represents what you do. That is why we have created a list for you with 10 ideas to name your business 12-10-2020 Elongated plants. What to do? 05-08-2020 5th Fair of exotic plants of the Bédé 07-06-2020 Plants to save. What to do? 04-06-2018 10th Exhibition of Succulent Plants in Modena 01-01-1970 Distribution of the main Genres of succulents Stefano Beola wrote in the message news: b457fd95-a154-4883-9938 - *** @ h9g2000yqm.googlegroups.com. Hello, can you tell me the names of these succulents

Succulents: names, photos and flowers - Plants

Via Gallardi, 140 18039 Ventimiglia (IM) - Italy Tel: +39 0184 33.003 - Tel: +39 0184 23.00.41 [email protected] For over thirty years a nursery specialized in the production and sale of succulent plants, even rare and collectible, cacti, compositions and succulents. When to fertilize succulents? Succulent plants should be fertilized between March and April, when the last winter frosts have ended and, for many, the moment of flowering is approaching, but what are the most suitable fertilizers for succulents? other valuable information. From mid-March it is possible to bring the. Plants of the genus Sedum are succulent plants, or rather, succulent plants, really easy to grow. They feature small luscious fabrics that can store a large one. Here are the 10 easiest outdoor succulents to grow 1) Echeveria. Echeveria is a succulent plant that belongs to the Crassulaceae family and is native to. 2) Cactus (Tricocerius Pasacana). The term cactus refers not to a plant, but to one.

Let's name succulents - La Casa delle Grasse

That of succulents is a category that welcomes a large number of enthusiasts all united by the idea that fat is beautiful. In fact, no other plant can boast such special thorns, flowers and leaves and not even a proverbial resistance to drought. They are therefore extreme plants adapted to live, in millions of years of natural selection, in deserts. Names of evergreen plants. Evergreen trees are characterized by having a non-deciduous crown, often accompanied by flowers, which makes them particularly suitable for ornamental purposes. Evergreen hedge plants are characterized by the fact that they keep their leaves even in winter. This is why your hedge will protect you from the outside all over

Succulents names - Succulents - What are the names

Succulents, among which a very common type is the hanging succulent plant, represent a very present category inside the houses: the main reason for this lies in the fact that they do not require particular care and attention from those who are occupies and therefore have a rather long life, even in periods of drought Succulents: names, photos and flowers - Piante.it Succulents can be placed in both plastic and clay pots, since the former retains more moisture. for a long time while the second guarantees better ventilation How to take care of succulents at home: when to water succulents, which are the best to keep at home and how to take care of them .. Succulents at home can be an excellent piece of furniture. Indoor succulents grow well in any pot that is at least four inches deep that has at least one hole in the bottom for drainage 15 decorative succulents that do well indoors Beaucarnea. Beaucarnea also known as smoke eater, is along with Sansevieria, one of my favorites as a plant. Sansevieria. Sansevieria is a genus of plant of the Agavaceae family native to tropical Africa and the. Aoe.

Succulents, names, flowers - inspirations for a touch

Younger plants would like to water more than a mature string of pearls. Either way, water them when the soil is completely dry from top to bottom. Senecio Rowleyanus produces very beautiful white, brush-shaped flowers with red stamens. Senecio succulents bloom once a year every summer. 4 Succulent indoor plants, also called succulent plants, are often grown in homes, as they adapt to any type of environment, which is why they can grow luxuriantly even indoors. Many believe that succulents do not need much care: indeed, due to their ability to retain water inside them, they can.

Cold-resistant succulents: the names of the species

Succulents occupy almost every type of terrestrial habitat: hot deserts, cold deserts, grasslands, shady woodlands, rainforests, and alpine areas. In fact, although it is true that succulents need little water and that they have a high resistance to adverse conditions of both the soil and the climate, only some of them really come from desert climates as the. Succulents need specific temperatures, which can even reach extreme thresholds, but which must never exceed certain limits. In summer, succulents can tolerate even 40-45 ° C, but they must be ventilated. In winter the temperature must be above 3-5 ° C with less than 0 ° the succulents could freeze To grow succulents you must first of all arm yourself with a lot of patience. If you have a character for which you would like to get results in a short time, perhaps, it is better to start growing plants like basil.They have complicated names, it is true, but looking at the photos we are sure that you will recognize them immediately. Crassula mesembryanthemoides. It is one of the most widespread succulents but has come a long way to reach Europe, Crassula mesembryanthemoides is in fact native to the distant Namibia Family of outdoor succulents very resistant to cold and summer drought. They love full sun and impress with the color of the leaves, which ranges from green to red. The flower is small and spikelet-shaped, white or pink. It is one of the most requested rock garden plants in our nursery

Indoor hanging plants

Many of us host, in our homes, indoor hanging plants which are usually hooked to the ceiling or placed on shelves and racks to brighten up a wall. It is precisely the pendants for apartments that are the most popular of this large family of plant essences.

With their colors, the elegance and the suppleness of their leafy and branched ends, they give that touch of beauty and movement that is often lacking in domestic spaces.

One of the most popular and rustic apartment hangers is a variety of fern. This is the splendid fern Nephrolepis cordifolia, which is also one of the ornamental plants more present in the living rooms of many Italian houses.

It quickly grows up to one and a half meters in length and is recognized for its beautiful small sickle-shaped leaves. It will take you there "plumosa"Is the one that gives the richest and most luxuriant effect during vegetative development. It is not far behind Nephrolepis tessellata: its very long falling branches of a beautiful color intense green they manage to give a touch glamor even to the simplest and most bare room.


The semperiverum are succulent plants belonging to the crassulaceae family, and count some dozen species even with rather different morphologies depending on the place where they live. They are generally recognized by the dense fleshy rosettes small in size - from 3/4 cm to a maximum of 20 cm in diameter - with triangular and pointed leaves, of colors ranging from very light green to purple red. Their name tells us a lot about their rusticity: they grow practically everywhere, in any climatic condition, but prefer the sun and well-drained soils. They do not require watering - rain is enough - and can be safely grown, both in the ground and in pots, throughout the year. Among other things, they are very long-lived plants, which, except for disasters, can also live for decades.

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