Indoor window sill plants

Indoor window sill plants

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In theory, it seems almost impossible to make any mistakes with an indoor windowsill planter. But whether you're planting flowers, creating a miniature vegetable garden, or, yes, even growing herbs , a little mindfulness matters. So before you get to seeding, here are three things Joyce Mast , Bloomscape' s Plant Mom and resident plant expert, says to look out for. Let your compass be your guide here! And note that a north-facing window might not be the best move when it comes to setting up your rosemary, your sage, and your coriander.

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John Stokes and Mary's Gardens

Can I use any herbs, or do they have to be a special type for growing indoors? Any tips for success? Answer: Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow in containers and many of them perform quite well on a sunny windowsill. With a little effort, you can harvest fresh, homegrown herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano and parsley through the entire winter.

Begin your indoor herb-growing adventure with some clean containers. Be sure each container has a drainage hole in the bottom and a saucer beneath it to catch the drips. Annual herbs can get away with tighter quarters, so putting two plants per 8-inch pot is possible.

If you plan to mix several herb varieties together in a single container, you can put three or four plants in a to inch pot. Fill the container with a commercially made soilless potting mix. These mixes are best for indoor growing as they are light, well-draining and sterile. Use the most expensive potting mix you can afford because using a high-quality potting soil means less frequent watering, as well as consistent soil volume.

Once the pots are filled, select your plants. Begin this process by deciding what flavors you love — let your cookbooks and appetite be your guide. Visit your favorite local nursery to see what they have in stock. Place your new herb garden in a sunny windowsill. Western or southern exposure is best for winter growing. Or, for even better harvests, invest in a small, tabletop grow light.

Turn on the grow light for 18 hours per day. Allow the pot to sit in the sink until it fully drains, then empty the saucer and put the plant back in the windowsill or under the grow light. To harvest your herbs, use your thumb and forefinger or a sharp scissors to pinch or cut off sprigs or individual leaves. Do not harvest more than a quarter of the foliage at any one time.

Send your gardening or landscaping questions to tribliving tribweb. Support Local Journalism and help us continue covering the stories that matter to you and your community.

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Email Newsletters. Most herbs don't thrive on winter windowsills, but this pair does. Ginkgo grew with dinosaurs, and is still worth growing. Phipps Conservatory brings 'Sparkle and Shine' to winter flower show.

Dig deeper: Extend growing season with these fall gardening tips. Editor's Picks. Santa's on his way: Here's how to track him. Alcoa-inspired flagpole with metal Christmas tree shines on near Route 66 in Gilpin.


Looking for some ideas to enhance your space? Stay tuned because we are about to show some really impressive ideas of plants that will amaze you! Windowsills receive full light and are perfect spot for sun-loving plants. If you want to know which plants will thrive on your sunny sills, continue scrolling. Some cactus varieties can thrive in windows that receive full sun during daylight. Cactus plants need sandy soil and little watering.

A large south-facing window is ideal for an indoor herb garden, light with artificial light or the plants will quickly become stunted.

Window Sill Planter: Ideas to Create More Space for Plants

Winter is a difficult time for your houseplants - the days are shorter with less sunlight and much cooler temperatures. All in all, not ideal growing conditions for your houseplants. So this season it's important to pay extra attention to your houseplants to ensure that they're surviving the cold. Below are some fantastic winter care tips to help you do just that! Yes, believe it or not, your houseplants will actually benefit from a Christmas diet. But of course, it has to be a healthy and well-balanced diet, just like all good diets are Helping , professional home cleaners, spoke to us about putting your plants on a Christmas diet to help them out a bit over the winter period. Your houseplants have no need for extra nutrients over the winter months when light levels are low.

26 Best Plants You Should Grow on Kitchen Windowsill

Skip navigation! Story from Ask A Plant Queen. Anja Slibar , Christan Summers. Welcome to Ask A Plant Queen , where with the help of Tula founder and bona fide plant expert Christan Summers , we'll answer every question you've ever had about the care, keeping, and presentation of houseplants. No need for you — or your pretty green pals — to thank us.

Window sills and furniture below windows or in front of glass doors make a great place to grow certain carnivorous plants.

Best Indoor Plants For A South Facing Window

In window gardening, plants are grown within the room just opposite or close to the window or on the windowsill outside. This is the most satisfying way of gardening for flat dwellers of cities where there is space crunch. Nowadays, window ledge sometimes referred to as flowerbed is a part of the architecture for keeping the plants. The plants can be placed on the windowsill and shelves, on plant stand, tiered tables, plant trolley, or planters. The permanent planters should have proper drainage.

How to Protect Window Sills From House Plants

So, you have chosen the right indoor plant types for your home. Next on the agenda is to make sure the containers are right, and your plants get all the nourishment they need. Lakshmi Unnithan Arvind offers suggestions on the kind of light, water and nutrients your indoor plants need, to thrive. When space becomes a constraint, large potted indoor plants inside the house becomes difficult to maintain. In such cases, small indoor plants help create magic in small containers. They add colour to windows or tables, while some of them soften and blend with pieces of furniture. As a part of the indoor landscape, small plants create a cool, spacious feeling, even in the warmest weather. Some small plants carefully packed in wicker baskets on the table tend to be striking rather than the same scattered in rooms.

Find window sill plants stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors Indoor plant in a bathroom window.

21 Beautiful North Facing Window Plants (With Pictures)

Can I use any herbs, or do they have to be a special type for growing indoors? Any tips for success? Answer: Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow in containers and many of them perform quite well on a sunny windowsill.

These are the best houseplants for every home and upkeep style. While spending extra time at home, you might be considering some decor changes. Plants can offer both attractive design elements and healthy air filtration to your kitchen. When it comes to indoor plants, every home is different. Depending on sunlight, how easy to care for they are, and how much space you have, many different plants can look great and flourish in your kitchen.

A houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices , namely for decorative purposes, but studies have also shown them to have positive psychological effects.

When you plant a succulent, fill the pot almost to the top with potting mix, so the leaves sit above the rim. This helps keep them from rotting when you water. Photo by: Costa Farms. Houseplants can really suffer in the wintertime. All that warm, dry air from the furnace is murder on leaves that crave high humidity. Stems get long and lanky, and flowers won't form when the sunlight is weak and the days are short.

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